The Aroma Approach To Tea

Aroma's Promise

When you purchase from Aroma's fine tea selection, you can be certain:

  • Aroma's teas all represent the highest quality loose leaf teas, including fine certified organics.

  • Our suppliers work closely with some of the most prestigious tea gardens, estates and specialists around the world.

  • Our suppliers are proud to be environmentally responsible, utilizing organic farms and all-natural products whenever possible.

Aroma's Teas

Aroma's high quality loose teas are packaged in 3 oz. parcels that yield approximately 50 cups.

Why Loose Leaf?

It all comes down to good taste and full flavor.

The grade of a tea describes the appearance of the tea leaf because the condition of the leaf -- whether it is whole or torn, broken into many small pieces or reduced to dust -- determines the quality of the tea.

The best grade of tea is whole leaf, and can be judged by the size and fullness of the twisted leaf and the lack of stem (except for Oolong tea leaves which commonly have stems). Good teas are also judged by the brightness of the leaf's color and the presence of buds.

While tea bags are convenient and quick to steep, the small sacks usually contain inferior tea leaf dust or fannings, resulting in weak, somewhat bland tea. Higher priced tea bags do contain better leaves, but they are often broken so infuse quickly in the boiling water.

These leaves, however, are never as fine as those used for quality loose-leaf teas. We think the extra few minutes in preparation time required to brew fresh, loose tea leaves are more than repaid in flavor and enjoyment.

Steeping the Perfect Cup of Tea

The first step is to bring fresh, cool water to a boil in a kettle. Use the water you like best. If your tap water tastes of chemicals, use bottled water. Warm the teapot with hot water. Discard the water and then spoon the tea leaves into the pot. Allow one level teaspoon for each cup. The heat of the pot will release the bouquet of the leaves. When the water boils, immediately pour the water over the leaves. Let the tea steep for as long as the particular kind of tea requires. Vary the time according to personal taste, but keep in mind that steeping any tea for longer than five minutes does not contribute to flavor, only to bitterness. See our Gifts & Accessories section for a fine tea press that will help you steep the perfect cup every time.

Suggested Steeping times

Green Tea:1-3 minutes
Green Oolong Tea: 2-3 minutes
Black Oolong Tea: up to 5 minutes
Black Tea: up to 5 minutes
(except Darjeeling, which should be steeped for 3 or 4 minutes)

Whether it's for comfort on a chilly night, to stimulate your mind, to extend a measure of hospitality to friend or neighbor, or just for the pure delight of its taste, we know you'll enjoy this premier selection of quality teas.


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